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EMC’s Data Domain deduplication storage systems can now provide the agility, security and reliability you need to deliver scalable, high-speed storage protection at costs comparible to traditional tape backup solutions.

Let EMC and Covenco Applied Technologies show how this is possible, by utilising your existing infrastructure or making one of our locations a target for your backup or replication – with our full Workplace & Recovery facilities at your disposal.

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What is EMC’s Data Domain?

EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems continue to revolutionize disk backup, archiving, and disaster recovery with high-speed, inline deduplication. By consolidating backup and archive data on a Data Domain system, you can reduce storage requirements by 10-30x, making disk cost-effective for onsite retention and highly efficient for network-based replication to disaster recovery sites.

The EMC Data Domain Operating System delivers industry-leading speed and efficiency through variable-length deduplication. With performance up to 58.7 terabytes per hour, organizations can meet the most challenging backup windows while reducing backup and archive storage requirements by 10 to 30 times, making disk a cost-effective alternative to tape.


Seamless Integration

DD OS enables EMC Data Domain systems to integrate seamlessly with existing IBM Power infrastructures – including leading backup, archive, and enterprise applications – as well as file and email, database, enterprise content management, and virtual machine archiving.


Network-Efficient Replication

With the DD OS, organizations can replicate backup and archive data off-site faster, with minimal bandwidth for safe, tape-free disaster recovery. Data Domain systems provide flexible replication topologies to optimize your backups such as full-system mirroring, selective, bidirectional, many-to-one, one-to-many, and cascaded.


Reliability and Security

The Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture is core to DD OS and is built into every system, providing the industry’s best defence against data integrity issues. Inline write-and-read verification, continuous fault detection, and self-healing ensure that backup and archive data is accurately stored, retained, and recoverable or accessible throughout its lifecycle on a Data Domain system. Combined with the ability to meet compliance regulations and security requirements, no other storage system provides this level of protection.


Cloud Readiness

DD OS provides secure multitenancy, which delivers data isolation for enterprises and service providers looking to deploy Data Domain systems in a private or public cloud. With secure multitenancy, a Data Domain system logically isolates tenant data, ensuring that each tenant’s data is only visible and accessible to them. Multitenant management and monitoring enables chargeback, trending, and tenant-level reporting.


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EMC Data Domain Boost for IBM DB2 enables faster, more efficient backup and provides database administrators with complete control of backup and recovery.

Data Domain Boost for DB2 distributes parts of the deduplication process to the DB2 database server, enabling client-side deduplication so only unique data is sent from the server to the EMC Data Domain system.

This speeds backup performance by 50 percent, reduces backup impact on the server by 20 to 40 percent, and reduces network bandwidth requirements by up to 80 to 99 percent.

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