Power10 brings the legacy of IBM Power to hybrid cloud.

Power10 was created to fill the gaps in demand reliability, performance, and security that cloud computing platforms sometimes otherwise lack. IBM’s 1st 7nm chip, it delivers improved performance whilst reducing energy / increasing density.

Power10 is full of new features!

Memory Inception – designed to improve cloud capacity and economics for memory-intensive workloads. Memory inception enables any server to access memory on different physical servers, be it in a pool of servers or on its own. You will have access to the entire cluster of memory that is present in the pool and up to multi-petabyte clusters which is 100 times more than its competitors.

That means you might require 16GB of RAM to run some applications, but say your machine has only 8GB, you can then use the 8GB present on your machine and another 8GB available elsewhere, assuming it is connected to the pool. This provides cost reduction for businesses that have memory extensive workloads on the Cloud.

AI Improvements

Power has long been a leader in AI, and Power10 comes with AI improvements. The CPU is able to deduce or inference new and additional information from other AI models quickly and efficiently.

Power10 is faster than Power9 – up to 20x faster at AI Inference with the Matrix Math Accelerator embedded in the Power10 chip.

Power10 uses an Open Memory Interface (OMI) and serial memory communications giving you extreme flexibility. This chip supports memory upgrades from DDR3 to DDR5, GDDR and HBM or persistent storage memory all depending upon what’s practical for you.

Critically, with the dangers of rising cyber threats, the innate security of the Power platform, enhance further by Power10, is what makes the new chipset really stand out. Power10 has 4x as many encryption engines as its predecessor Power9, keeping your data safer than ever.

With all we have seen and heard about Power10 so far, it is clear to see that they are turning a page in the history books and not only embracing the cloud but paving the future of Hybrid Cloud.

If you’d like to discuss in more detail, we’d be happy to talk you through how Power10 might fit into your environment.

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