With global chip shortages effecting DRAM supply, IBM are the latest vendor to review costs, recently announcing price rises relating to DDR4 Memory for its Power9 (AIX/Linux/IBMi) range of Servers. 

The rise comes into effect on 15th October and we’ll see an increase of between 15% and 20% depending on the specific DIMM feature Code needed.

This will obviously increase the overall cost of any New Systems ordered after this date, but also effect any upgrades (MES) that may be required for increasing Memory in existing systems.

The server model/machine types effected are as follows:

IBM 7063 (HMC)

  • IBM 8335 (AC922)
  • IBM 9006 (LC921/LC922) Server Withdrawn but MES upgrades effected
  • IBM 9008 (L922) Server Withdrawn but MES upgrades effected
  • IBM 9009 (S922/S914/S924)
  • IBM 9040 (E950)
  • IBM 9183 (IC922)
  • IBM 9223 (H922) Server Withdrawn but MES upgrades effected

IBM have been very fair with memory pricing in recent years, with a reduction in ‘per Gb’ cost when the previous DDR3 generation of DIMM was superseded by the cooler, denser, and faster DDR4 memory on its scale-out servers back in 2016.  Maybe this latest rise should be considered more a realignment – but either way, if you are considering the purchase of a New Power9 system (or an upgrade to an existing system), please get in touch and we’ll look at how best to minimise the impact of any increase.

Likewise, if you would like clarification on the specific Feature Codes for the above systems that are subject to this price rise, these can be provided.

Get in touch today to beat the price hike, one of our experts will be pleased to help you.



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