Storage insights is a cloud-based monitoring tool which is included with purchases of new IBM Storage Systems, and existing applicable Storage Systems under IBM support.

Within the tool you deploy a lightweight data collector on premise, this in turn feeds data signals to the IBM cloud. You are then provided with single pane of glass view over your entire environment.

It enables alerts, performance information and a view of active PMR’s, along with ticket history for your storage.

Some IBM storage platforms that include the free version are currently:
  • FS50x5, FS7200, FS50100/FS5200, SVC
  • FS840, FS900, A9000, A9000R
  • XIV, Spectrum Accelerate
  • DS8000 Family
If you get a little anxious about security measures, then your mind can be put at rest with the following:
  • Data flow is one way to the IBM Cloud (and uses HTTPS)
  • Data at rest is AES 256-bit encrypted
  • ISO/IEC 27001 ISM certified (whatever that means)
  • Single point of metadata collection

Storage Insights is included alongside your IBM support agreement. There is also a Storage Insights ‘Pro’ version which has an additional cost, though included FOC with some enhanced software bundles. In addition, the Pro version also includes:

  • Best practice violations
  • Fully customisable alerting
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Tiering Analysis and recommendations
  • 2yrs of performance and capacity data with 100+ metrics (free versions stores 24hrs with 3-4 metrics)
  • Capacity planning
  • Support for EMC VNX, VMAX, IBM Cloud Object Storage, SONAS, and Spectrum Scale (ESS & GSS)

If you’d like a sneak preview of what you can expect from Storage Insights, then check out the following screenshots.

System Capacity information and IOPs


Comparing Red/Write transfer sizes with Cache hits


If you have IBM Storage you will have access to Storage Insights, and we highly encourage you to have a look at how it could potentially improve your experience and enhance you support set up.

Set up is quick and easy and will only take around 30 minutes, as IBM Business Partners we would be happy to help you through this process if needed. Click here to get in touch!

More information:

  1. Installation Instructions
  1. Storage Insights info on the IBM Website


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