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GDPR is a subject as broad as it is deep, and despite the upcoming deadlines, many organisations are still trying to make sense of the legislation, let alone how to best prepare themselves to be compliant. Whilst no one action nor any single supplier can truly claim to be able to prepare you for GDPR, there are some simple and often freely available tools in IBM POWER and Storage systems that can help with some aspects of the legislation, most notably around data security.

Protecting data at rest in most IBM SAN implementations (Flash, XIV, V7000, etc.) will have data encryption built in, or available as a charged feature, and the right storage solution can be a very effective and cheap way to ensure all data on your SAN is impossible to physically steal. Our team can help you understand if your system is or could be encryption enabled and the costs involved.

Alternatively, IBM POWER systems have their own, in built encryption systems, which may be suitable for some clients. AIX utilises Encrypted Filesystem, aka EFS.  It is available as part of the O/S from AIX version 6.1 and can be implemented for an entire filesystem, down to single files. IBM i has a similar principle with ASP encryption, though this is a charged feature. Both options have pre-requisites and further restrictions/considerations – as to whether they meet your needs as a client, we would welcome the chance discuss the options and introduce you to our technical team.

Perhaps more important, given that many clients keep their data off-site in the form of tape, is the native encryption in many of IBM’s LTO and Magstar tape products. Coupled with a product like SKLM (Security Key Lifecycle Manager), all your off-site tapes can be impossible to read without the appropriate key. Our sales and technical teams would be happy to discuss your current tape strategy – you may already have encryption capable products, simply needing some licenses and implementation services.

We are certainly not claiming to solve GDPR by these simple actions but protecting the data in your possession is critical to businesses irrespective of the legislation and could be far cheaper and easier than you think. Call to speak to one of the team and learn more, or get in touch via the form below.

If you’re running IBM systems and this has got you thinking about GDPR, why not come along to this IBM GDPR event being run on Tuesday, 17th April in Bracknell, Berkshire. The half-day briefing with IBM and industry experts will help senior IT decision-makers and influencers understand the changing market landscape and explore how you can take advantage.

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