Desktop virtualization has always relied on the use of a type 1 or type 2 hypervisor to get the ball rolling. The use of said hypervisors means adding a virtual layer across each client which in turn puts a strain on its performance.

Manufacturers spend alot of time nowadays developing products and technologies which aim to simplify the user experience. Everybody is trying to remove a ‘pain’ , a fine example of this is the idiot proof GUI’s we’re now used to as standard on every SAN project. Anybody, it now seems, can be a storage administrator.

A quite unique technology called Zirtu provides a low cost VDI option which will appeal to both enterprise and small to medium sized businesses. Aiming to expell the high costs and complexity many businesses still associate with VDI; Zirtu was designed from the ground up on the client side. Based on type 0 hypervisor technology, Zirtu will allow much more per-server density and performance comparable to an enterprise priced package (at less than 150 USD, this certainly is not)

We’ll no doubt see more and more of solutions based on type 0 hypervisors, let’s have a look at this technology further in coming weeks.

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