Applied Technologies is the Business Partner subsidiary of Covenco (UK) Ltd which started back in 1989 as an IBM Broker in the then System 36 and 38 product ranges. Covenco has developed and continued to adapt to meet the challenges of modern IT sales and are now equally adept at IBM, HP, Cisco and other premium brands, blending their hardware with software and services.

The Covenco group includes a number of related technology business that compliment their core activities but, for one reason or another, warrant a separate brand. Apart from Applied Technologies, they are:

Covenco (UK) Ltd

Lifecycle Management, including data destruction, WEEE and support for end of life systems.

Covenco Recovery Services

One of the UK’s premier IBM Disaster Recovery companies

And Another Day

Web-based applications & digital marketing for start-ups, businesses and other agencies who need something developed that your average developers can’t do

Good Dog TV

Specialists in mobile camera crews for the Film, TV and new media industries

Shoot Aviation

Specialists in pre and post production services for Film and new media.

The Covenco companies have offices in Langley and Banbury (UK), Dublin (Ireland), Barcelona (Spain), Aalborg (Denmark) and Denver (CO) in the USA. We service over 750 active clients (bought or sold in the past 3 years) on nearly every continent. Over 50 clients trust Covenco to manage their data, either through replicating to us or with Covenco supported replication / backup solutions.