Every company wants to reduce costs; but to do so without sacrificing the tools to drive their business forward. For many organisations, replacing their Oracle database would reduce licensing and maintenance costs. However, many consider the potential development time, staff training requirements, and ultimately change costs, tie them in to their Oracle database. This doesn’t need to be the case.

TIBERO is an “Oracle-compatible” database that gives users the freedom of choice to retain their investment in both people and technology, with the same expected levels of performance and familiar interface. The only differences are the more agreeable costs and flexible licencing terms; without the risk and expense associated with changing to any other vendor or open source.

  • Between 30% & 60% less than Oracle
  • Simple licensing model with low ongoing maintenance costs
  • Low risk & fast ROI – 3% average modification rate for migration from Oracle to TIBERO
  • Enterprise functionality – multi-processor, multi-threaded architecture


Why Tibero from TmaxSoft?

  • 192 Core – Tiberos largest production environment
  • 450k – highest number of Tibero Users
  • 13TB – Largest Tibero production DB (50tb benchmarked)
  • 3TB – average daily real time replication

Download the Tibero guide

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