In a security conscious world, Applied believe that companies of all sizes need access to combat the threats, which is why we work closely with Security Dialog.

There are 70,000 new malware attacks every day. So where does cyber security sit on your board agenda?

95% of cyber attacks are automatically scanning millions of systems looking for vulnerabilities, so hackers can then see what you may have of value worth stealing – such as credit cards, personal data, IP.

Targeted attacks are designed to cause damage to your business, or to a partner company you deal with. You have a duty to protect your supply chain and adherence to compliance standards helps bring good practice and security awareness to all staff.

SMEs are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks because they do not have the IT resources and budgets for enterprise solutions.

If you need to have ISO27001 or IASME compliance because your supply chain demands it, you require a means of monitoring and recording log events or you will not qualify. Security Dialog offers this as a service so you don’t have to concern yourself about it.

Security Dialog offers a new form of protection from Cyber attacks. There are several technical solutions for monitoring events on your system, such as LogRhythm, Arcsight and QRadar. These are designed for enterprise organisations and tend to command high licence and implementation costs. With Security Dilaog, we can offer a pay-as-you-go solution at a fraction of the price.

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