As NetApp Gold Partners, Applied have demonstrated deep expertise and benefit from the highest discounts.

Our clients rely on Applied to provide an impartial view of the storage landscape and a strong relationship with NetApp is therefore important.

NetApp have a product or solution in the storage arena to answer every major storage issue currently facing clients today.

From massively performant all flash arrays, to highly scalable NAS, and multiple data protection options, there is a solution for SME’s through to the largest corporates.

By talking to Applied, we can help you navigate the options, and choose a solution that is fit for purpose and meets budgets.

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Why Applied for NetApp?

  • Gold Partners
  • Certified Technical Team
  • Trained Sales Specialists
  • Data protection and Recovery specialists

Hybrid Storage

NetApp are justifiably best known for their excellent FAS disk subsystems. The filer architecture and ONTAP OS remains the industry leader in FAS technology. NetApp market two model ranges, the Enterprise FAS8000, which contains four models, the pinacle of which is the FAS8080EX, which scales to 103PB and in NetApp’s own words – “Our most powerful hybrid storage array, purpose-built for business-critical workloads requiring massive performance (up to 4M IOPS), multi-PB scale, and leading flash integration—including all-flash configurations.”

For smaller clients that want the features of ONTAP and still need performance and scalability, NetApp’s FAS2500 is the perfect choice, with three models to suit all budgets.

Alongside the FAS architecture, the E Series offers more traditional SAN storage, competitively priced and feature packed. The range has three models to suit all budgets, the E5600, E5500 and E2700.

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All Flash Storage

Drive greater speed, responsiveness, and value from key business applications by using NetApp all-flash storage arrays.

By speeding application performance up to 20x, NetApp® all-flash solutions enable faster decisions and higher customer satisfaction. Deploy NetApp all-flash arrays to increase server CPU utilization, consolidate servers and databases, and reduce database license fees.

As you expand to the cloud, NetApp’s vision for a Data Fabric delivers the right level of application performance across the resources that are best for your business.

NetApp offers two all-flash platforms:

  1. NetApp All Flash FAS is a robust scale-out platform built for virtualized environments, combining low-latency performance with best-in-class data management, built-in efficiencies, integrated data protection, multiprotocol support, and nondisruptive operations. Deploy as a stand-alone system or as a high-performance tier in a clustered Data ONTAP® configuration.
  2. NetApp EF-Series is designed for I/O-intensive workloads focusing on performance, latency, density, and price. Its efficient architecture excels at both low-latency IOPS and massive bandwidth.