If you run an IBM i, Applied believe systems management should be a minimal resource overhead, which can be achieved with Halcyon’s products.

The System i product line up is based upon 4 software suits designed to run natively on the IBM i/OS platform. Dependent upon your requirement, you chose which level of monitoring and automation is required. Should you require additional individual elements to add to one of the suites or want to create your own combination of tools, please contact Applied Technologies as most combinations are possible.

Message Management
The Entry Level Suite for System i. Closely monitor all your system messages, key applications and critical business processes : Message Monitoring, FTP Monitoring, TCP/IP Monitoring, Output Queue Monitoring, Device Monitoring, Job Queue Monitoring, SLA Reporting.

Systems Operations
Monitor your IBM i system messages and automate the control of significant events. All the features of Message Management Suite, plus Object Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Distribution Queue Monitoring, User Profile Monitoring, Inactivity Monitoring, Audit Journal Monitoring and Restricted Tasks Management

Advanced Automation
Optimise performance, disk space and spool file management on your IBM i. All the features of Systems Operation Suite, plus Performance Management, Performance Snap Shots GUI, Disk Space Management, Disk Space Explorer GUI. Spooled File Management.

Operations Centre
The flagship software suite includes all the features of the Advanced Automation product, with the addition Advanced Job Scheduling


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