Applied Technologies and Covenco Recovery Services have deep in house Cybernetics technical skills and very strong Vendor ties.

Cybernetics’ Virtual Tape Libraries are designed to eliminate the challenges you face in archiving and protecting your valuable data.

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Yorktown, Virginia, Cybernetics is a privately held corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance disk, tape, and virtual tape storage solutions.

About Cybernetics : Cybernetics product line features cutting edge technologies, which have been rigorously tested to deliver seamless compatibility and solid reliability. Along with innovative and exclusive features that provide greater functionality, data accessibility, and return on investment than any other storage solutions provider can match.

To learn more, we would be very interested in a conference call or short meeting to understand your recovery objectives.

Why Applied for Cybernetics?

  • Excellent reference sites
  • Highly qualified technicians
  • Expert Project Managers
  • Strong Vendor Ties