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Owning a Cybernetics Virtual Tape Library will drastically reduce the expense of protecting your data. Not only is our acquisition cost less expensive, so are the expansion and maintenance costs over the life of your system. Protecting your data is faster, easier with Applied Tech and Cybernetics.

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If you are looking for an alternative to your current back up solutions, look no further. Virtual Tape Libraries are designed to eliminate the challenges you face in archiving and protecting your valuable data.

A Virtual Tape Library is disk, which means it’s faster and easier to manage. Multiple systems can be attached to a single VTL with different connectivity protocols. A single VTL can present thousands of virtual tapes. Saves and restores are quicker and the cost of physical tapes is removed. Backups can be encrypted without the need for additional software and overheads on the server.

The problem

Use of tape can be slow, the cost for multi-tape drive libraries is expensive and off-site storage is required. Requires time/effort to physically manage, especially the on/off-site rotation strategy.

The solution

Disk is faster than tape, much faster. Applied Tech supply VTL solutions to the UK’s leading companies, and can design a bespoke solution for your needs.