Whether you are moving a single server or relocating an entire datacentre, the concerns and problems remain the same.

The systems require expert engineers to de-install and re-install. The items then need to be handled with care and possibly require specialist moving equipment. Then there is the question of insurance. Access to a service that can provide engineering expertise, packaging, insurance, computer transport and contingency planning makes a potentially complex task seem simple.

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Using Applied Technologies for a site move offers access to all the engineering and logistical resources that have been providing installation services to support our sales team for the past 20 years.

We can supply a full service that gives complete peace of mind, including asset swapping – for a site move without downtime.

The problem

Site moves can mean a business outage, and certainly require relocation of expensive, fragile systems – often ‘against the clock’. How do businesses mitigate risk???

The solution

Applied deliver, install, upgrade and otherwise ‘handle’ live systems daily. We can utilise swing equipment, and / or replication solutions to minimise and even remove service outages. Applied have been safely delivering relocation services for 10+ years.