Sometimes provisioning a short term requirement needs more than a VM - a full POC for example..

Applied have the answer – rental solutions to meet any need for weeks or even months. We have supplied full data centres to move large clients, or simply provided a tape drive to help out with a site to site restore. Whatever then need, Applied can supply hardware from IBM, HP, EMC, NetApp and others on a rental basis.

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Our rental contracts :

1. Allow for a minimum term to be extended

2. Provide an option fort he client can also convert from rental to ownership at any point

3.  Can include Hardware Maintenance, if required.

The problem

Short term requirements can not always be provisioned ‘in the cloud’ or within a VM in your existing estate.

The solution

Applied can rent one server, or even a tape drive, through to a complete Server/SAN/Backup solution – for a week, month or even year.