Hardware vendors offer excellent maintenance contracts that provide for all your needs and more. As a Business Partner, Applied Technologies can facilitate these contracts, which are direct between you and the vendor.

We can supply a contract for any hardware we supply or we can cover your existing installation when your current warranty or maintenance expires.

Administering the contract through Applied Technologies will ensure that your inventory stays up to date, avoiding per call bills for new inventory and maximising refunds for redundant inventory.

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The problem

Ensuring 24/7 operations across the IT estate, whilst balancing budgets and the increasing complexity of the vendor mix.

The solution

Applied utilise vendor and TPM contracts to balance the cost whilst ensuring standards are not compromised. We manage your contract renewals to relieve you of the admin burden!

With changes to the IBM Microcode agreement in January 2013, Applied are advising all clients to seriously consider IBM maintenance for all their equipment.

However, should you have legacy equipment, there are some instance when a TPM (Third Party Maintenance) contract may be fit for purpose. Applied will be glad to discuss these options with you.

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