Regardless of size or complexity, all new hardware needs to be integrated into your existing environment

Applied can provide additional expertise and free up time in your busy schedules. Although you may have some skills in your own team, by utilising the Applied Technologies site services team to complete your hardware upgrade you benefit from direct access to the full technical expertise of our experienced and Certified Engineers.

Speak to a qualified computer systems installation expert today.  
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Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the Applied Technologies team comprises of ex-IBM engineers, Data Processing Managers, Senior Operators and Maintenance Engineers.

Prior to any installation we conduct a thorough installation planning meeting, preferably at the site of the install, to discuss access, physical installation, power, configuration, the personnel involved and their respective responsibilities. By commissioning Applied Technologies to provide the installation services, even if we have not supplied the equipment, you can be assured that even the most complex upgrades are managed and executed by experts.

The problem

CSU (Customer Set Up) products rely on the client to have the expertise and, importantly, the time to install and configure. Sometimes a full service is more desirable.

The solution

The Applied team have decades of experience in systems installation, configuration and upgrades. We can supply a turn key solution for any product you purchase, or supply engineer services on a daily rate.

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