AIX and iOS Upgrades - Applied Tech, Real Expertise

The technical teams at Applied Technologies are loading and upgrading,  AIX and i/OS servers on a daily basis. They are very familiar with the task in hand, the pitfalls and the appropriate precautions. Whilst many of our clients have the skills, they prefer to outsource the work to our team to benefit from this experience.

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We will gladly provide advice on this and any other OS related subject.

We can provide ad hoc services to perform a single upgrade, or we can consider a contract for a year or more, during which time we will provide ongoing services to keep your systems up to date with OS and PTFs.

The problem

Most systems will require one major OS upgrade a year, in addition, periodic PTF loads are advisable – for many it is still an anxious task that can be a cause for concern.

The solution

Outsource these tasks to experts who are performing them regularly and safely on client live systems.