Next generation virtualised systems need the networks, the storage and the servers to all be software defined.

Applied work in conjunction with IBM, Brocade and others to provide clients with a truly virtualised end to end infrastructure to deliver  the agility demanded in business today.

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IBM’s LPAR for POWER revolutionised computing over the last 10 years and Applied have worked with clients of all sizes to help consolidate server sprawl over this time.

Ironically, storage and networking have been slower to adopt the abstraction layers that provided such benefits in computing.

Applied work with their clients to extend the benefits of virtualisation beyond the servers. By implementing software defined networks and/or storage, with Brocade, IBM, NetApp and others, infrastructure will be more agile, take less management and be quicker to provision. Talk to an Applied specialist about your estate and how we can help.

The problem

The servers are virtual, but the network and disk is still too rigid

The solution

Software defined storage and networks that truly integrated with VMWare, IBM’s VIOS and others

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