With a suite of solutions from IBM, Lenovo, Nutanix and others, Applied leverage class leading Vendors to secure your Enterprise systems and data

With threats to data security making news headlines, protecting your companies reputation and most valuable asset can not be left to chance.

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Threats to your systems and data integrity come in many forms and therefore need multiple solutions to stay ahead of the challenge.

Applied believe that vital data in the enterprise should be encrypted when backed up, and point in time copies utilised to provide roll-back opportunities. Long term data retention should be deduplicated or compressed, and probably encrypted and WORM protected. IBM, NetApp, Lenovo and others all have solutions in this space and Applied can provide advice, Proof of Concepts and deliver the full solution.

Data at branches needs protection – and Riverbed’s Steelhead appliance may be applicable.

And your systems themselves need security and scrutiny, which is why we recommend IBM’s PowerSC for POWER, and Security Dialog for monitoring your Cyber threats and reporting issues.

The problem

Networks threats, data leeks, rogue staff – data and system threats are everywhere.

The solution

Encrypt vital data, take point in time copies and monitor your networks and staff. Simple?

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