Powerful IBM System i tools can help businesses of all sizes unleash the potential of the POWER platform

The Halcyon product line is based upon four software suits designed to run natively on the IBM i/OS platform. Dependent upon your requirement, you choose which level of monitoring and automation is required.

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Applied Technologies partner with Halcyon Software and Vision to provide a suite of system management, replication and automation tools to deliver reduced costs and extend operating windows. Both companies maintain an extremely high level of customer satisfaction through continued product development, effective product support channels and a friendly partnership based relationship.

The Halcyon product line up is based upon 4 software suits and depending upon your requirement, you chose which level of monitoring and automation is required.

Vision’s powerful replication product MIMIX also includes an excellent systems management tool, that Applied can implement as part of MIMIX install and provide training.

The problem

Freeing time and resources whilst keeping systems running to their optimum

The solution

A strong suite of management tools, covering Messaging, Performance Monitoring, Automation and more…..

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