Applied leverage decades of experience in the Datacentre to seamlessly transition clients to a Software Defined Storage infrastructure

Unlocking underutilised space, accelerating data, easing management overheads, whilst freeing budgets with compression, thin provisioning and more… solutions from IBM, EMC, NetApp or hybrid best of breed implementation.

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Storage Virtualisation is the natural extension of server virtualisation. By amalgamating all storage into one ‘environment’, businesses of all sizes can improve storage utilisation, performance, resilience and management – as well as extend the life of existing infrastructure. Storage virtualisation projects can often ‘self fund’, with compression and tiering, and enable businesses to divert limited budgets to other project within the business.

Applied utilise best of breed solutions from IBM, NetApp, Lenovo and others to help businesses of all sizes take advantage of the latest Storage technologies. We help you understand how IBM’s VSC differs from their SVC – and which suits you best. Or how NetApp’s clustered Data ONTAP compares with other solutions.

IBM, NetApp and others all compress data – so which is right for you? And how can you use Tiering and Flash technologies to reduce costs yet accelerate performance?

Applied will draw on their decades of storage experience with some of the UK’s largest companies to help design and deliver a solution suiting your business needs and budgets.

The problem

Increasing disk utilisation, increasing demands but smaller budgets.

The solution

Software Defined Storage
Amalgamate and virtualise for simplicity and resilience, add tiering and compression to maximise budgets, and augment with SSD/Flash for speed.

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