Applied understand that any business would implement all Flash arrays if cost were no barrier – they accelerate data to an unprecedented extent, and reduce power and environmental concerns.

Our expert consultants can help you understand the solutions in the market from IBM, NetApp, Lenovo and others, and how we have helped our clients balance budgets with business needs.

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Flash based systems and SSD are exceptionally fast but expensive, fact? Maybe not… Applied are helping businesses of all sizes to understand how utilising a small amount of flash, in an intelligently designed tiered environment can bring massive business benefits and may even be more cost effective than spinning disk.

How? By using tiered data, compression / deduplication, and really understanding how much of your data needs to sit on ‘gold’ standard hardware.

In a recent implementation, Applied worked with a client to use IBM SVC and Flash to compress a 24tb array to ‘present’ more than 80tb to their servers, and by tiering this with their legacy spinning disk estate, the client could show more than 3 years growth at a relatively modest investment.

But what works best for you? SSD in IBM’s V7000 or EMC’s VNX? Extreme I/O with deduplication? IBM Flash with compression? And how do you utilise tiering to build the cost justification. That is where the Applied experience is invaluable and we would be glad to help.

The problem

Business demands better insight and perfomance, but budgets remain the same

The solution

Flash based disk for hyper performance – utilising tiering and compression to build the business justification

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