Linux and open source middleware have redefined the cost cases for enterprise computing.

The servers are cheap, the OS ‘free’ and with great communities and forums, advice and support plentiful. If, however, you have not considered Linux on IBM POWER, Applied would be delighted to demonstrate the cost cases and huge potential advantages.

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IBM’s POWER servers are built with Linux in mind, supporting all the major flavours of OS. The real ‘advantage’ however can be seen at scale – supporting scale out as well as scale up, and demonstratably supporting significantly more workload than the Intel counterparts in many instances.

Will it cost more? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The latest IBM POWER8 & POWER9 Linux servers have been priced to compete directly with commodity x86 equivalents. And Applied would be glad to work with any organisation to look at the benefits they would bring. We can also provide Proof of Concept (POC) rental equipment, help you look at porting your workload and size the solution.

The problem

How to scale and manage Linux to meet growing business demands??

The solution

IBM POWER and Linux can scale far beyond Intel in many instances. Talk to Applied to arrange a demo system or POC

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