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HA systems are not ‘new’ but do you replicate at a SAN level, or at a system level? And do you need instant replication, or remote copies of data at intervals. What if the remote site has poor communications? Applied consider all options.

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Whether you run your business critical systems on Intel, Linux, AIX or IBM iOS – the myriad of HA and replication solutions available can be daunting. Do you choose Vision’s MIMIX for POWERi HA, or Rocket’s iCluster? IBM POWER HA is normally the ‘go to’ for AIX platforms, but could you replicate data at a disk level with IBM or NetApp and still meet your business objectives?

And the challenges are not necessarily limited to just replicating the data. Getting performance over distance, or with a modest link, can be a head-ache, which is where SteelHead can prove critical. Sometimes the data is just too sensitive to replicate to a unsecured remote office, but you need that remote office to operate if a comms link fails, which is perfect for SteelFusion – ‘No Servers, No Storage, No backup’, enabling you to rethink branch IT.

The problem

Today’s SLA’s mean 24×7 Availability, no system downtime, no scheduled maintenance windows.

The solution

Replicated systems, stretched storage, Local Encrypted Data, WAN optimisation and more from IBM, NetApp, Vision and Riverbed

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