Applied utilise solutions from IBM, NetApp and Riverbed to provide scalable, performant storage that meets your business SLA’s without stretching the budget.

Almost every company we work with singles out storage growth, data retention and protection as one of their top three IT issues.

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Most of our clients have consolidated onto a SAN of some description, implemented some element of tiering and are possibly using Flash or SSD to accelerate some applications.  Yet data growth and management are still issues. Applied can help client’s of all sizes plan a storage infrastructure that is agile for growth, spans data centres for protection, utilises SDS principles where applicable and tiering / acceleration to drive real value to new workloads. With solutions from IBM, EMC, NetApp, Riverbed and more, coupled with our data retention solutions from VEAM, On-q, IBM’s Protectier – and our own managed data vaults in our DC’s – any SLA or business need can be met.

The problem

Sprawling data, with unprecedented growth and retention rates – consuming budgets and creating a management headache

The solution

By designing agile storage systems, with policies to manage data and tiers to match performance with business value, Applied can alleviate both issues

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