Applied help clients design Enterprise architectures that are resilient, scale with demand, use the latest tools to simplify management and deliver real time and cost savings.

Our recent work in manufacturing, finance and MSP’s has delivered high performance gains, increased resiliency and delivered on the client’s budget and time to value intentions.

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By leveraging the latest technologies from IBM’s POWER portfolio, Lenovo’s high end xServers and Flex, married with the best from EMC, IBM and NetApp’s storage solutions, Applied can design and deliver solutions for SME’s and corporates alike.

Our IBM POWER heritage is second to none and we can help clients look at whether a POWER Linux solution will have significant savings when looking at performance per core against Intel. If you already run IBM I or AIX, our experts will help you evaluate the latest POWER offerings, the route to any upgrades and pre-reqs, the latest functions (like Active Memory, CAPI etc) and how you can utilise them.

As IBM Flex speciality partners, and having shipped 1,000’s of IBM xServers – the transition to Lenovo and their enterprise systems has been ‘business as usual’. Our Flex team are very experienced, we have excellent references, and we would be delighted to talk about your converged Intel plans.

Lastly, a good enterprise estate needs protection and by designing highly performant and protected storage environments from IBM, NetApp and EMC, we can protect your data in a myriad of ways. Add to that our expertise in High Availability – MIMIX, Double Take, VMWare – and Applied can help clients of all sizes.

The problem

Balancing budgets with today’s demands for immediate time to value, high performance and even higher availability

The solution

Super performant systems to reduce license costs, and intelligently designed solutions that are agile yet protected