Some applications and requirements are tailor made for the cloud.

Our consultants can help your organisation utilise hybrid models from IBM, Lenovo, NetApp and others – to leverage agile, software defined environments to support your business critical applications in house and in the cloud.

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Organisations of all sizes are some way along their journey to the cloud, and undoubtedly it is the answer in many cases. Applied want to help businesses transition suitable workloads to cloud platforms, such as IBM’s Softlayer.

Equally though, it is very important we enable our clients to benefit from the potential to deliver their own IT in an innovative, scalable and flexible manner, bringing the best of cloud principles into the enterprise – the private cloud. Combine the two, and the hybrid cloud, built on solutions from IBM, Lenovo, NetApp, Nutanix – leveraging HA, SDS, Storage Acceleration and more, will be the norm for a number of years for our clients.

Our consultants will be happy to discuss how we can put our expertise to use in your environment.

The problem

The answer to everything is the cloud………(?)

The solution

Our consultants will help demystify the options, look at what naturally resides in the cloud, and what should be kept in your control – the hybrid cloud.

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